Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Food Matters Project: Seasoned Popcorn

photos by scott haydon

Guys, I am really excited! I am participating in the food matters project (you can click the link to learn more)! I like the idea of branching out and trying new recipes and coming together with a community of people who love good food as much as I do. I DO have to admit, however, that one of the first recipes I'm attempting for the project, Seasoned Popcorn, isn't much of a stretch for me.

I adore popcorn more than most people adore anything.

This isn't a joke. I've been a consistent popcorn lover since I was a kid. It is the #1 best ever snack choice ever, did I mention ever?, ever. I have enjoyed popcorn with butter and onion salt, popcorn with butter and salt, popcorn with butter and pepper and salt, popcorn of the kettlecorn variety, popcorn with caramel, popcorn with Jacqui's specialty, made just for Scott, popcorn seasoning, etc.

That said, I did try something new. Tonight Scott and I made popcorn and added to it:

butter, salt, pepper, cayenne, ginger and a splash of lime.

We didn't microwave or stovetop cook our popcorn. We might be the only people left on the planet who still own an airpopper and I'm okay with that. This combination of flavoring was delicious and I was shocked at how vibrant and flavorful it was, especially with the lime. Success!!!


  1. We own an air popper! I love it, and use it several times a week. You are absolutely right, popcorn is the best snack ever.

  2. girl, I use an air popper too! And love it! I really love this flavor combination. Seems like a bright flavor snack as you described it.

  3. I used to love my air popper! I only got rid of it because it was so big and old but that thing was awesome. That popcorn sounds yummy!

  4. My mom used an air popper growing up! I think they really only made them in the 80's? Made the BEST lightest popcorn possible, she still uses it when I go visit :)

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