Monday, June 18, 2012

The Food Matters Project: Berries & Chocolate Bread

Hi. I didn't really follow this week's food matters project recipe. Sure I utilized some kind of berry, some kind of chocolate and some kind of bread. But not cherry and not in panini form. You can check out Margarita's host post here.

We spent our Father's day weekend charter fishing in Westport. It was cold, wet and mildly nauseating. I know I'm making it sound fantastic. I think it would have been a way better experience if I'd caught a fish instead of letting the only one I hooked get away. I wouldn't call it a complete wreck of a weekend. I spent some quality time with the boy side of my family and Scott. I saw the ocean from both the shore and while at sea. I learned that if I take a dramamine, wear accupressure bands on my wrists and chew ginger gum I'm mostly not as nauseated as I'd expect (I'm positive this will come in handy some day). Besides, I love adventure.

On the car ride home, after spending hours eating nothing due to a large fear of accidentally throwing it right back up, I ate a ton of delicious homemade bread.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Raspberry & Almond Muffins

Yesterday I had my first successful baking experience using only almond flour. I have so many friends who are avoiding gluten or following some kind of paleo guideline to eating that it makes sense for me to experiment with gluten free baking. These muffins were meant to be a yummy surprise for a camping trip this weekend but the trip fell through and now I'm sitting at home on a Sunday with a surplus of baked goods. I know what I'll be eating for breakfast.

These muffins are particularly good right out of the oven. The following day they prove to be a bit more oily then I'd like. Next time I make this recipe I am going to try substituting applesauce for the olive oil and I'm also going to combine the fruit with the batter instead of creating separate layers.